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How & Why Consult with Confidence was Created

When we opened our salon in December 2013 we had no idea of the processes and pitfalls of running a bricks and mortar business. We’ve always tried to be forward thinking in what we do and that has led to us being very fortunate in receiving recognition from our peers within the industry.

One of the processes that became a problem for us very quickly was our consultation process, we had to get clients to fill in consultation cards for every treatment and it seemed unnecessary and time consuming. We then introduced client record books but the organising and filing requirements that was needed everyday along with concerns over data protection led us to look once again for another solution.

Initially we found a online form creation website where we built all of our treatment consultation forms but realised again that it had certain limitations so the quest to find the perfect solution began.

It’s taken us about 2 years to develop Consult with Confidence but it has totally transformed the way we operate. Our consultation process is now 100% online, there is no filing, our Therapists love how it helps them, our clients love the professional approach it gives us and it makes us compliant with all our data protection requirements.

However the most important thing that CWC has given us is protection from legal claims. In the first 6 months of using Consult with Confidence we had 2 cases where having the correct procedures in place given to us by the portal saved us from potential legal action.

Consult with Confidence really does what it sets out to. It really will take away all the stress and worry that surrounds the traditional consultation process. As salon owners we know what you go through each and everyday with clients, staff and treatments, we know how important your business is to you and we are delighted to be able to bring you a solution that we know works.”
— Samantha & Paul Beatty, co-owners of Beauty at the Gate

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